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  Recently, ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder of a priest during Mass in France. Other physical attacks on Christians and churches are becoming common around the world, and may be coming to America. These remind us of Jesus’ words to his disciples, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.” St. Matthew 10:16.

  Faith in Christ was not popular and was persecuted when the Christ himself preached it and sent out the first disciples. We can expect to be full partners in persecution. The student of history knows such violence is nothing new. Also, in spite of what some who are ignorant of history claim, this opposition is not greater than it has ever been. Far from it, in fact.  

  Through Word and sacrament the Holy Spirit strengthens us for the attacks. He will preserve and protect our faith and future in heaven even when others try, and maybe succeed, to rob us of life on this earth.

Pastor Ferch