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Pastor's Platform

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  Lent is the time we emphasize repentance of sin as preparation to Christís Passion; his suffering, and death on the cross. Jesus bore our sins and guilt in his body on the tree of the cross as the full payment to his Father. There is nothing we need to or can sacrifice for our sins. God the Father then raised his Son from the dead declaring us not guilty and heirs of eternal life in heaven.

  This redemption is the foundation of our saving Christian faith. It is the reason for the peace, joy and hope we have as sinners whom God loved and has fully forgiven in Christ Jesus. Our Saviorís work on our behalf is what gives meaning to life, and the certainty of glory after death. 

  In the midst of all the uncertainty and changes we experience, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ remain the one constant. They are the anchors that holds us steady in the storm. Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesusí empty tomb. We know Jesus is God. He paid for all our sin and conquered death. We will rise in our bodies on the last great day when Jesus returns.

  Every Sunday in worship we celebrate the Sunday Jesus rose. What a great way to begin the week.

Pastor Ferch